SIMPLE SOLIDARITY is the name of this piece.  It is one of 14 abstract ink designs, from a collection titled
This design is being offered as a white surrender flag.
Solidarity is a common interest that is shared in a community.  This design shows the world as one community. 
PRICE:  $10.00/flag

If the world would choose to have peace, and I mean everyone, anyone could surrender and keep their dignity. Revenge
would stop, there would be so much to heal but it is possible.  We have a planet of beautiful cultures and landscapes. We  have a utopia but we as people destroy it There are over 500 languages and 1000's of religions.  We need the breaking of the language barrier.  We all should be having fun.  Let us take our love for life back, Smile and surrender to simple solidarity.  It is simple  LOVE  PEACE  SHARING..