This is a pencil drawing I drew of  Sam Shepard from the cover of his book "The Unseen Hand" I feels this shows the thought and contemplation that it takes to be and become a writer.  The beauty in the look of the thoughts. 
   "Our ancestors worked so hard for their families.  They would have wanted more for us by now.  Our world has become so mobile, that America is made up of all peoples of the world.  When our military fights a war against anyone, it is a war against our ancestry."   INDIGO BLISS
    "All our world leaders were small babies with no knowledge of the world and its ways, just being happy to be alive and to breathe and to feel the warmth of love. Now as grown men we put these painful burdens upon them and ask them to hear us and keep us safe with the only tool they have, the only tool they have to work with and that is the military."  INDIGO BLISS  
    "I truly believe the world can live in peace.  The planets resources are just that the planets.  We the race of we, as I mention in this book, are capable of living together in a simple union.Each individual's path forms a beautiful harmony in our world and somehow war is our present reality."
  "No need to fear, no need to be afraid,  No need to to be scared, no need for pain."